School Gardens

Wild Ones Wayne County’s School Garden Committee has knowledgeable members who can assist educators in creating a native school garden from the initial idea phase to tips for easy long-term maintenance. School gardens are great teaching tools, especially when planted with native plants that attract native fauna, which students can observe to learn about lifecycles and the relationships between plants and wildlife.

What We Do

We provide guidance and connect schools with resources to create and maintain a native school garden. Additionally, we maintain a list of learning resources to help educators teach about how native plants are essential for our ecosystem. If you thinking of creating a school garden, we can help! Please reach out to [email protected], ATTN: School Garden Committee, with your ideas for a school garden and where you are in the process.

Helpful Resources

You can use the curated list of helpful links below to get more information on creating and maintaining a school garden.

Green Schoolyards America

Green Schoolyards America has a library of learning resources as well as free activity guides among other great resources for educators.

Xerces Society

The Xerces Society has great kids program as well as education resources, and classroom series playlists on their YouTube channel that all provide a wealth of knowledge for students and educators related to protecting invertebrates and their habitats.

EcoSchools U.S. NWF

The Nation Wildlife Federation offers a certification program for schools that nurtures environmental learning and climate action.

NEEF Education Resources

The National Environmental Education Federation (NEEF) provides resources the include toolkits, infographics and interactive online programs.


PollinatorLIVE provides webcasts and resources for programming, education, and teachers.


Michigan Outdoor Education Association (MAEOE) has numerous workshops and resources to connect outdoor and environmental educators.

Pesticide Laws and Alternatives

Beyond Pesticides provides resources on avoiding toxic pesticides, including information on the Michigan school pesticide law and alternatives to using pesticides in schools

Pollinator Partnership

Pollinator Partnership has numerous resources including School Garden Kits for purchase that can be used to help create or augment a garden habitat and provide lessons and handouts.